Learning and Teaching



St. Ambrose Parish Primary School provides a high-quality learning environment where students are engaged, stimulated and encouraged to be creative thinkers and learners.

We have a deep commitment to nurturing children in the Catholic faith. Our contemporary learning methodology integrates technologies creating authentic teaching and learning possibilities, enhancing achievement and including interactions with local and global communities. This provides a firm foundation for our students to excel in the digital information age.

The Victorian Curriculum

The Victorian Curriculum F–10 sets out what every student should learn during their first eleven years of schooling. The curriculum is the common set of knowledge and skills required by students for life-long learning, social development and active and informed citizenship.

The Victorian Curriculum F–10 incorporates the Australian Curriculum and reflects Victorian priorities and standards.

Learning areas and Capabilities

The Victorian Curriculum F–10 includes both knowledge and skills. These are defined by learning areas and capabilities.

The design of the Victorian Curriculum F–10 is set out below:

To read more about the Victorian Curriculum here: https://victoriancurriculum.vcaa.vic.edu.au/overview/about

Specialist Programs

The Physical Education, LOTE (Japanese), eLearning, Visual Arts and Performing Arts programs are conducted by specialist teachers, you can read more about these specific areas on the website.