Enrolment Information & Policies


Democratic Principles Statement

Parents and Friends Policy


Enrolment Agreement Primary Schools 2023

Enrolment Policy Enrolment Form Primary 2023

Enrolment Policy Enrolment Procedures for MACS Schools 2023

Enrolment Policy for MACS Schools

Enrolment Policy Minimum Age Exemption Application Form 2023

Enrolment Policy Parent Guardian Carer Code of Conduct 2023

Enrolment Policy Primary Schools 2023

Enrolment Policy Student Code of Conduct 2023

Photography and Recording Permission Form 2023

Privacy Policy and Procedures 2023

School Family Occupation Index Parent Occupation Groups 2023

Standard Collection Notice 2023



Student Acceleration and Retention Policy 2023

Student Acceleration and Retention Policy for MACS Schools

Student Acceleration and Retention Policy Repeating a Year Level Application Form 2023

Student Acceleration Application Form 2023

Dependant Full Fee Paying Overseas Student (FFPOS) Procedure 2023

Dependant Full Fee Paying Overseas Students (FFPOS) Application Form 2023

Dependant International Student Fee Schedule 2023

Enrolment Policy Consent to Transfer Information Form 2023

Uniform Policy & Dress Code


Assessment and Reporting Policy Schools

Curriculum Overview and Policy Schools 2022

Curriculum Provision, Assessment and Reporting Requirements to Parents Guardians Carers for MACS Schools

Child Safety

Child Safety Code of Conduct

Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy

Child Safety and Wellbeing Record Keeping Policy

Child Safety Support Resources

Engaging Families in Child Safety Policy

Four Critical Actions for Schools Responding to Suspicions of Child Abuse

Procedure for Ensuring that Staff Are Informed about Mandatory Reporting Obligations

PROTECT Identifying and Responding to Abuse Reporting Obligations Policy

Reportable Conduct Policy

Recruitment Policy

Working with Children Check Policy

MACS Advice to Principals Child Safety

Education Training Reform Act 2006 – Ministerial_Order 1359

Retention and Disposal Authority for Records of Organisational Response to Child Abuse Incidents Allegations

Care, Safety and Welfare of Students

Action Plan for Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis Policy Anaphylaxis Risk Minimisation Strategies for Schools

Anaphylaxis Policy Emergency Response to Anaphylactic Reaction Sample

Anti-Bullying Policy Checklist for Schools v2-0-2022

Anti-bullying Response Pathway v1-0-2021

Attendance Policy Guidelines for Absences

Bullying Record Keeping and Investigation Tool-v1-0-2021

First Aid Policy and Guidelines

First Aid Risk Assessment

ICT Acceptable Usage Policy

MACS Attendance Policy

MACS Duty of Care Guidelines v2-0-2022

MACS Medical Management Policy


MACS Pastoral Care of Students Policy

Medical Management Communication Plan v1-0-2022

Medical Management Plan Template v1-0-2022

Medical Management Policy Flowchart

Medical Management Policy Schools v1-0-2022

Medication Authority Form

Pastoral Care of Students Relating to Gender Policy

School Anaphylaxis Policy v2 0-2022

School Anti-bullying Policy (Including-Cyberbullying) v2-0-2022

School Student Behaviour Policy v2-0-2022

School Supervision Policy v2-0-2022

Student Health Support Plan v1-0-2022

Mobile Phone/Smart Watch & Electronic Device Policy

Complaints Handling

Complaint form for initial point of contact v2-0-2022

School Community Safety Order Internal Review Form

School Community Safety Scheme Internal Review Process

School Complaints Handling Policy v3-0-2022

MACS Complaints Handling Policy for Schools


Building Compliance – Essential Safety Measures Policy

Essential Safety Measures Policy

Flowchart for OHS Issue Resolution Guidelines

Maintenance and Asset Management Policy Schools 2022

School Viability Policy 2023

OHS Policy

Employment Policies

Validation of Registration Procedures

Teacher Registration Policy

Working with Children Check Policy

WWCC Failure Receipt of Exclusion Notice or Interim Exclusion Notice

WWCC Policy Implementation

WWCC Register Procedures for Maintaining Register

Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management Framework 2023

Risk Management Policy Schools 2023

Risk Assessment Criteria 2023

School Risk Register 2023 Template

Suspension Negotiated Transfer and Expulsion of Students

MACS Guidelines for Schools Suspension, Negotiated-Transfer


Suspension of Students Policy v2-0-2022 (1)

Student absence learning plan v2-0-2022

Return to School Plan Suspension of Students v2-0-2022

Notice of Suspension of Students v1-0-2021

Flowchart for Suspension of Studentsv1-0-2021

Checklist for Suspension of Students v2-0-2022

Negotiated Transfer

Checklist for Negotiated Transfer of Students v2-0-2022

Flowchart for Negotiated Transfer of Students v1-0-2021

Negotiated Transfer of Students Policy v2-0-2022

Notice of Negotiated Transfer of Students v1-0-2021


Return to School Plan Suspension of Students v2-0-2022

Report Expulsion of Students v2-0-2022

Notice of Expulsion of Students v1-0-2021

Flowchart for Expulsion of Students v1-0-2021

Expulsion of Students Policy v2-0-2022 (1)

Expulsion of Students Information for parents guardians carers-relatives

Checklist for Expulsion of Students v2-0-2022

Appeal Information Expulsion of Students v1-0-2021

Appeal Form Expulsion of Students v1-0-2021


Democratic Principles Statement v1-0-2021

MACS Governance Statement

School Philosophy Statement v1-0-2021

MACS Details of Members on Website 2023

Related Parties Policy 2022

2 Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools LtdĀ  ACNC

MACS Governing Body Membership Details 2022

MACS Code of Conduct for School Advisory Council Members

MACS Privacy Policy

MACS Working Together In Mission

MACS Responsible Persons Policy v1-0-2021

MACS School Advisory Council Manual

MACS Conflict of Interest Policy for Responsible Persons v1-0-2021

MACS Constitution


Principal Financial Handover Policy

School Insurance Policy

Specified Trading Activities Policy

Sponsorship Policy

Fraud Prevention Policy

Gifts and Entertainment Receipts and Expense Policy

Operational and Capital Budgets Policy

Parents and Friends Policy

MACS Advice to Principals Financial Framework

Anti Slavery Policy

Debtor Management Policy