Grade 4/5 Camp to Sovereign Hill

Grade 4/5 Camp to Sovereign Hill

On the 14th of February the fours and fives were ready and packed to head off to Sovereign Hill for camp. We all waved our parents goodbye as we packed the large bus and drove off. On the bus I sat next to my friend Bridgette who was making me laugh the whole way to Sovereign Hill!

We all lined up outside our wooden cabins in our walking groups. Next, Mrs. Flett read out the people in each room.. Once everyone was settled, we got to choose where we slept and who we shared the dark green bunk bed with. In my cabin there was Miah, Hayley, Darcie, Amy, Lucy.P, Mia, Bridgette, Amity and Adelaide. Next, we made our beds with a blanket and sheet.

Afterwards, we went alluvial gold panning down at ‘’The Diggings’’ river. I was so excited to pan for gold as I have never found any before. I found my friends and we picked up a rusty pan from the side of the river. We dug them deep down into the bottom of the river, as that’s where you find the gold. Then, we brushed out the big stones with our fingers and gave the pan a swish, a splash a wave and a swirl with all the water and sand in the pan. With my luck I found 2 specks of gold! We got given a little jar to put the gold into.

The next day, was the best day of camp!  We got to go shopping in all of the olden day shops. First we went to the candle and soap shop. We saw a candle dipping demonstration. I bought 2 rainbow candles for my sister and I, which were only 50c each. After that we walked over to the candy store! When I walked in, all I could smell were lollies! I could see cabinets and shelves overflowing with boiled sweets and the counter had thousands of lolly bags all squeezed together. I bought some raspberry drops for Mum and Dad and a big bag of freckles also for my sister and I. Yum! Lastly, we went to the Blacksmith and I bought a horseshoe with my name stamped on the front at the bottom, which was $9.

Overall, I think my first camp was awesome! We did so many activities and I loved all the food.. It was sad to leave Sovereign Hill but I also missed my family so much. I couldn’t wait to tell them all about camp and how much fun I had.


By Lucy C (5/6E)