Location and Contacts

Staff Contacts

St. Ambrose Parish School

You can contact all staff via phone on 03 54271 285.

St. Ambrose Parish School Staff

Ms Bronwyn Phillips
Email: bronwyn.phillips@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Deputy Principal, Wellbeing Co-ordinator and Leader of Learning
Mrs Debbie Geisler
Email: debbie.geisler@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Sacramental and Religious Education Leader
Mrs Eloise Meyer
Email: eloise.meyer@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Reading Recovery Leader and Enhancement Leader
Mrs Jenny Boldiston
Email: jennifer.boldiston@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au


Office Manager
Mrs Karen Basa
Email: karen.basa@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Office Administration Assistant
Mrs Justine Mitchener
Email: justine.mitchener@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au


Library Coordinator
Mrs Tracey Paton
Email: tracey.paton@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Teaching staff:

Junior Team 

Miss Emma McMahon (Grade P/1M)
Email: emma.mcmahon@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Mrs Barb Ryan (Grade P/1R)
Email: barb.ryan@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Mrs Maree Thomas (Mon-Thurs)/ Mrs Jenni Awty (Fri) (Grade P/1TA)
Email: maree.thomas@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au  /  Email: jenni.awty@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Mr Conor Van der Staay (Grade 2V)
Email: conor.vanderstaay@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Mrs Kate Old (Grade 2O)
Email: kate.old@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Middle Team 

Mr Andrew Caminiti (Grade 3/4C)
Email: andrew.caminiti@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Mrs Marg Flett (Grade 3/4F)
Email: marg.flett@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Mr Micheal Portelli (Grade 3/4P)
Email: micheal.portelli@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Senior Team 

Mrs Brenda McDonald (Grade 5/6M)
Email: brenda.mcdonald@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Mrs Amanda Ramshaw (5/6R)
Email: amanda.ramshaw@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Specialist Teachers 

Visual Arts Teacher
Ms Clare Shannon
Email: clare.shannon@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Music Teacher
Mrs Eloise Meyer
Email: eloise.meyer@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Japanese Teacher
Ms Miho Yamashita
Email: miho.yamashita@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Physical Education Teacher
Mrs Kristy Cavric
Email: kristy.cavric@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

e-Learning Teacher
Mrs Kelly Woodman
Email: kelly.woodman@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au


Education Support Officers:

Mr Joel Dwyer
Email: joel.dwyer@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Mrs Janene Attard
Email: janene.attard@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Mrs Jodie Wolfli
Email: jodie.wolfli@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Mrs Rhonda Scanlon
Email: rhonda.scanlon@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Mrs Tracey Paton
Email: tracey.paton@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Mrs Fiona Forbes
Email: fiona.forbes@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Ms Sandy Howe
Email: sandy.howe@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Mrs Jenny Nelson
Email: jenny.nelson@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au

Mrs. Joanna Roch
Email: joanna.roch@sawoodend.catholic.edu.au