Mother’s Day – Family Week

Mother’s Day – Family Week

We all have our own unique ways of celebrating special times with our families, and the traditions we look forward to sharing with our children. Not only are these events important to the adults who carry on tradition, but they develop some of the cornerstone concepts of early childhood development.

The celebration of these traditions are closely linked to the development of identity and self-esteem in young children. We all have our own family traditions – whether big or small – and when we share these with our children it gives them a sense of their history, where they come from, as well as where they fit into the family structure.

In a time when most of us live extremely busy lives and days are arranged around long working hours and rigid schedules, it is important to take the time to pause, reflect and focus on family.

The most amazing thing about celebrating family and family traditions together is how, at that time, we instinctively turn our attention to our loved ones and we just let the world go by for a while. Forming strong family bonds is extremely important for children. When traditions are celebrated, generations are connected, either by spending time with loved ones or thinking and talking about those who have helped shape our lives.

Our annual Mother’s Day celebrations here at St Ambrose is such a beautiful time – acknowledging and celebrating the important role that Mum’s play in all our lives.

Thank you to everyone who had a hand in making all the events across this special time of the year such a wonderful experience for everyone here who is part of our St Ambrose family.