Learning and Teaching



At St. Ambrose Parish School we aim to provide a well balanced approach to learning. Our children come from varied backgrounds and they spend a big part of their lives at school. Education therefore needs to be viewed as part of life not just preparation for it. It should be relevant, and purposeful so as to engage them and serve their needs. A richly diverse curriculum facilitated by teachers who are passionate, capable as well as caring can cater for the varied interests and needs of students. Methods of delivery vary and opportunity for both formal and informal learning, keeps the school environment stimulating and interesting.

Literacy and numeracy as well as knowledge of key disciplines have been identified as the cornerstone of schooling for young Australians. Students benefit from and need explicit teaching in literacy and numeracy to gain the necessary skills to support and enjoy their development of interests in other areas as well as to gain the necessary grounding to broaden opportunity and function as literate and numerate people in the world. We use their interests to choose content to motivate them to develop reading, writing and numeracy competencies. We use a combination of teacher directed as well as student directed, open ended and experiential learning opportunities.

The Victorian Curriculum

The Victorian Curriculum F–10 sets out what every student should learn during their first eleven years of schooling. The curriculum is the common set of knowledge and skills required by students for life-long learning, social development and active and informed citizenship.

The Victorian Curriculum F–10 incorporates the Australian Curriculum and reflects Victorian priorities and standards.

Learning areas and Capabilities

The Victorian Curriculum F–10 includes both knowledge and skills. These are defined by learning areas and capabilities.

The design of the Victorian Curriculum F–10 is set out below:

To read more about the Victorian Curriculum here: https://victoriancurriculum.vcaa.vic.edu.au/overview/about

Specialist Programs

The Physical Education, LOTE (Japanese), eLearning, Visual Arts and Performing Arts programs are conducted by specialist teachers, you can read more about these specific areas on the website.