Principal’s Welcome

As the Principal at St. Ambrose I am delighted to be in a position to make a positive difference in children’s lives.

I am passionate about learning and I feel a deep commitment to honour the trust placed in me to do all that I can to lead and support our community into creating a happy and vibrant school which truly supports our children’s varied needs so that they may thrive in our world.

As a St. Ambrose staff we are dedicated to creating an inclusive and caring environment which inspires, engages and nourishes your child’s growth in all areas.  We want to support your child to be highly motivated about coming to school and feel confident to immerse themselves in the diverse learning opportunities offered.

Together we enable our vision, “Centred By Faith – In Partnership with Community – We Provide Excellence in Learning“.  We are a Community of Learners who:

    • respect the sacred dignity of each person.
    • embrace differences and diversity.
    • engage with the deep questions of life.
    • commit to achieving the highest standards possible.
    • search for truth.
    • build a culture of learning together.
    • honour equitable access and opportunity for all.
    • make a difference in the world.

Indeed learning brings hope and opportunity! At St. Ambrose School we see learning as a journey of endless possibilities where together as educators, families, parish, and local community we seek meaning by exploring and engaging deeply in every opportunity offered. We desire that our students flourish across cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual domains. Therefore, we focus on providing high support to nurture well-being, enabling optimal learning.

Our school provides an engaging learning environment based on diverse learning activities initiated and facilitated by a team of caring and dedicated education professionals, supported by you, your child’s first and foremost educators in their formative years. The staff aim to work with you and encourage you to participate in the school activities.

We see learning as a natural process. Indeed our children come to us curious and motivated to learn. Our school should foster creativity, and critical thinking and be flexible in its approach to support individual learning preferences. We work from the MACS Vision for Instruction model, explicitly teaching new concepts and allowing for guided and independent practice. This model supports:

  • researched evidence-based practices.
  • active & successful participation.
  • differentiated learning.
  • explicit instruction and structured literacy.
  • enabling student voice & agency.
  • aligning with the neuroscience of the brain on how children learn best and retain information.

We hope you find our website and newsletters informative and that you can gain some insight into what we offer. To experience the culture of St. Ambrose I would be very happy to meet with you and show you through our school. We hope you sense an inclusive and caring environment that will provoke, inspire, and engage. It is our hope and desire that joining our community will be an enriching and life-giving experience for your child and your family.

Our work is guided by the message of Christ, which always seeks to be contemporary, innovative, and engaging. We aim for our work with our community and your children to be a process of discovery and a creative adventure of the mind. We enable student voice and agency while staying open to the infinite possibilities as we learn together.

Our school community’s most important feature will always be its people. In whatever capacity you are currently involved in our community, please know that you are always welcome. Whether you are past, existing, or prospective members of St. Ambrose, our doors are open to you.

It is our great privilege to work in partnership with you to bring about growth and development in every aspect of your child.

Kind regards,

Bronwyn Phillips