Operoo is a parent-controlled electronic medical form used by schools, clubs, and other groups with a duty of care.

At St Ambrose Parish School, we use Operoo as our main form of communication with parents for any activity that requires your permission, for seeking volunteers, for parent-teacher interviews, sporting events, etc., or simply to provide you with information. 

You can access Operoo on a PC or laptop (www.operoo.com), or download the free Operoo app on your tablet, iPad, or smartphone to enter the details required.

This information will only be visible to the relevant staff for your child and will be managed in accordance with the Privacy Act.

Student Absence 

Student absences are to be communicated by way of an “Absence Explanation Notice” via Operoo. Notifications are required for every day a child is absent unless a start and end date is provided. It is a Government requirement that if your child is absent on a day that notification is given to the school by 9:30am.  If no notification is given you will receive communication from the office to ascertain the reason for your child’s absence.

The “Absence Explanation Notice” can be found in the Operoo “Form Library”.