Enrolment Information

Prep Transition Program

Students will be attending five transition sessions during November and early December.

These sessions provide your child with the invaluable opportunity to familiarise themselves with the school and learning environment. It also supports the teachers in getting to know your child and provide valuable information for consideration when placing students in home groups for the following year. Please be aware that the allocated groups are not fixed and may change throughout the transition program. By Session 4, the home groups will be confirmed.

Session 1:

Student focus:       Through stories, songs and games children are given the opportunity to get to know each other and the teachers.

Teacher focus:       Introducing the school and learning children’s names.

Parent focus:          How does your child learn & grow? How can I assist transition? Is my child ready for school?


Session 2:

Student focus:       Getting to know the school by visiting the Art Room and the Playground.

Teacher focus:       Observing the children in art room and playground settings.

Parent focus:         Legal requirements and obligations as a parent and our responsibility in regard to child safety within a school context.


Session 3: 

Student focus:        Getting to know the Learning Resource Centre.

Teacher focus:        Observing the children in library settings.

Parent focus:           Supporting your child and the school in Literacy & Numeracy. Discuss with the parents the importance of reading and the resources available to them.


Prep Parent Gathering: Current & incoming Prep parents gather together to get to know one another and discuss their experiences.


Session 4: 

Student focus:        Going up day. Students will spend time in their class group and room.

Teacher focus:       Introducing the children to their new classroom and talking about what will happen when they come to school.

Parent focus:          Student Wellbeing / Special Needs / Program Support.