Prep Transition Program

School Open Mornings –  Tuesday 7 May 2024 – 9.30-10.30am  &  Wednesday 7 August 2024 – 9.30-10.30am (optional but good to attend if you haven’t had a tour with the principal yet)

General Curriculum Information Session – Tuesday 25 June 2024 – 5.30pm

Students will be attending three transition sessions during November and early December.

These sessions provide your child with the invaluable opportunity to familiarise themselves with the school and learning environment in a supportive and positive way and to get to know each other. It also supports the teachers in getting to know your child and provide valuable information for consideration when placing students in home groups for the following year. Your children will also begin to build trust and relationships and we will learn more about your children’s needs and personalities.

Please be aware that the allocated groups are not fixed and may change throughout the transition program. By Session 3, the home groups will be confirmed.

Session 1 (Wednesday 13 November 2024 – 9.00-10.00am):

Student focus:       Through stories, songs and games children are given the opportunity to get to know each other and the teachers.  It assists your child to become familiar within the school and  the playground.

Teacher focus:       Introducing the school and learning children’s names.  Observing the children in the school setting.

Parent focus:        Getting to know each other over a cuppa and informal chat with the principal and deputy principal.

Session 2 (Wednesday 20 November 2024 – 9.00-10.00am):

Student focus:       To become more familiar and comfortable in the school setting.

Teacher focus:       Observing the children and learning about their personalities and needs.

Parent focus:        How does your child learn & grow? How can I assist transition? Is my child ready for school?  Presentation and Q&A time.

Session 3 (Tuesday 3 December 2024 – 9.00-11.00am): 

Student focus:        Going up day. Students will spend time in their 2025 class group and room.

Teacher focus:       Introducing the children to their new classroom and classmates. Having some fun and developing confidence about coming to school.

Parent focus:          Student Wellbeing / Special Needs / Program Support/ Parents as Helpers


Numeracy Interview:  Monday 16 or Tuesday 17 December 2024 – 30 minute 1-1 meeting with the teacher. (Prime focus is on building rapport)

Prep Parent Gathering – Date & Time TBA in early 2025 – Prep parents gather for a morning or afternoon tea hosted by the school.  It is a great opportunity to meet other parents and community members.