Student Wellbeing


One of the best and easiest ways to enjoy a lifetime of wellness is to cultivate healthy living habits at an early age.

At St Ambrose we do this by providing our children with knowledge about health and the environment, along with practical skills that lead to healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices.

It’s a wonderful hands on experience, we bring together teachers, parents, students and community members  to grow our own produce, we learn about nutrition and then we prepare and eat fresh and tasty meals.

Stage One

‘Growing Sustainable Gardeners’

This component of our Garden-to-Kitchen program is aimed at getting the classrooms into our wonderful garden, partnershing with our parents and community to encourage and support the creation of a sustainable school vegetable garden.

In the garden we introduce and explore concepts such as composting,
consumption and recycling.

Our garden will help promote environmental and sustainable learning and connect our
students with healthy food and lifestyle choices.


Stage Two

 ‘Food, Lets Eat’

This component of our Garden-to-Kitchen program brings the wonderful, nutritious fresh produce from our school garden to the kitchen!

In the kitchen the children will be exploring what is food? They’ll discover that cooking food is not only fun it tastes delicious  and the best partt…it’s  good for them!

The children will cook with the fresh produce they have grown and harvested from the garden, we want  to engage their curiosity about food through practical experience.

The kitchen program will help promote healthy food choices, develop an understanding of sustainable food products and what we eat whilst developing a the practical life skill of preparing and cookimg food.