Learning and Teaching

Religious Education

St Ambrose Parish Primary regards the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Faith central to all we learn and experience. Our Religious Education encompasses a Sacramental Program, Class Masses, Liturgical Team and Student Leaders and Weekend Family Masses.

The Religious Education program at St. Ambrose Parish Primary school places students’ lives and questions at the heart of learning. Built around the Religious Education Curriculum Framework, Religious Education invites students to appreciate the value of Catholic faith and to respect the other faiths and worldviews that permeate Australia’s diverse society.

The Religious Education learning structure is comprised of three strands of learning allow students to seek truth through Knowledge and Understanding, make meaning through Reasoning and Responding and experience the living story of Christ through Personal and Communal engagement.

The curriculum also offers five content areas drawn from the To Know Worship and Love Series, that work together to build a network of understanding of the Catholic Church and its traditions including

  • Scripture and Jesus,
  • Church and Community,
  • God, Religion and Life,  
  • Sacrament,
  • Prayer and Liturgy
  • and Morality and Justice.